About Us Criminal Justice Trainers Association is a small group of dedicated criminal justice professionals who have spent their entire careers training and educating criminal justice personnel from all areas of the United States and many foreign countries. Our goal is to offer quality training whether it is delivered on-line or in a live setting. We also focus on the smaller Department which lacks many of the resources and revenues to create their own training programs. However, several of our programs also suit themselves to all size Departments from one to thousands of officers. Our associates are former and current law enforcement officers, prosecutors, criminal justice professors, corrections officers and officer survival experts at both the local, county, state and federal level. Visit our Services Page to  view the different services we have to offer. We will be adding profiles of our associates to this page in the near future.   “Delivering Tomorrow’s Training Today”       Docendo Discitur -  it is learned by teaching - Seneca Made with Xara Web Designer An Idea Born in Florida  The idea of this type of organization was born in the mid 80’s in Florida. Our Executive Director, Jim McDermott, while working for the Miami-Dade Police Training Bureau had the vision of a small organization of criminal justice personnel taking their expertise and making it available to other agencies and officers. About Us Home Contact Us Courses Services Members Links Copyright 1986-2015 SPECIAL NOTE CJTA is always looking for new associates, if you have a background in the criminal justice field and have an area of expertise that you would like to share with your fellow criminal justice peers contact us; for we can provide the vehicle for you to share that expertise by creating and promoting your courses and materials.