Need to stretch your training $$$$$? CJTA offers a way! Criminal Justice Trainers Association has developed a number of courses that allow your Department to meet mandatory training requirements while freeing up more time to spend on hands-on courses. We focus our efforts on Federal and State mandatory training requirements. We also are developing courses in introductory and refresher training for both academy students and in-service officers. Be sure to visit our COURSES page. CJTA is a group of currently employed and retired criminal justice personnel whose expertise covers many areas of the criminal justice field. You can find out more about us by going to “About Us” by clicking on the link on the top menu. Copyright 1986-2015 Visit our companion site at  This website offers several free overview programs of some of our on-line training. You can sign up for a free account at this website. About Us Home Contact Us Courses Services Members Links Made with Xara Web Designer Visit Our Members Page for the opportunity to sign up for a free Newsletter and link to our training blog.